Big scandal in Germany! He injected 9,000 people with salt water instead of a vaccine!

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With the increase in the effect of the delta variant, the German government, where a sharp increase in the number of cases was observed, took further steps to achieve the desired vaccination target by taking a series of new measures. . However, scandalous news from the country made everyone’s blood run cold.

It turned out that a nurse in Germany injected people with salt water instead of a coronavirus vaccine.

The scandal took place in a vaccination center in the north of the country. It was heard that a Red Cross nurse injected nearly 9,000 people with a saltwater mixture with the Kovid-19 vaccine instead of the vaccine.

It turned out that 8,600 people, mostly elderly, received an injection of salt water instead of the vaccine at the center where they went to be vaccinated against Kovid-19.

The fact that the nurse, believed to be responsible for the terrible incident, posted anti-vaccine messages in her social media posts, raised suspicion in her.

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While German health officials said it was not possible to determine exactly how many people received the saltwater mixture on the date of the incident in question, they announced that anyone who had been vaccinated in that center might have another dose of the vaccine. , and made a call.

Officials, who said those vaccinated with salt water posed no health risk due to the situation, explained that those affected by the incident in March and April were mostly people from the group at risk and the elderly.

While German authorities, who publicized the issue, said they were completely shocked, the name of the nurse, who was believed to be responsible for the incident, was withheld and no no information was given as to whether she had been taken into custody.

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