Bird flu alert in France! Raised to intermediate level …

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In the statement made by the Ministry of Health, it was stated that avian influenza was detected in the poultry farm in the Ardennes and that the animals raised on the farm were not put on the market.

In the judgment published in the Official Journal, it was noted that the bird flu alert situation throughout France has gone from “insignificant” to “moderate”.

France Bleu Ardennes has indicated that since the beginning of the year, the 6th case of avian flu has been detected in the Ardennes.
In order to prevent the spread of bird flu, measures have been taken to cover poultry farms in areas inside the bird migration corridor.

In France, more than 500 cases of bird flu from November to May last year, 3.5 million poultry had to be slaughtered.

The epidemic particularly affected farms in the southwest of the country, known for producing foie gras.

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