Bleach is out of “Miracle Medicine”!

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Kovid-19, which has been in our lives since 2019, has dramatically increased sales of health products.

During the epidemic period, many supplements such as vitamins etc. have achieved serious sales figures, while this situation has also whetted the appetite of opportunists.

A bleach solution came out of the product, which was sold in the United States with the claim that it is good for many diseases, including Covid-19, cancer, and autism.

According to New York Times news, the Florida state grand jury accused Mark Grenon and his three sons of risking human health with this product.

In the indictment, “by the miracle”. It was also included that the family was earning over $ 1 million in income from the product launched as a business.

The district attorney’s office explained that the product in question contains water and sodium chloride and converts to chlorine dioxide when taken orally.

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In the same statement, it was pointed out that chlorine dioxide is used in the treatment of industrial water and the textile industry.

About 4.5 tons of sodium chloride powder and thousands of bottles were seized during a search by security forces at the family’s home.

It is specified that the family to be brought before the judge may be sentenced to life imprisonment.

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