Blinken announces condition to recognize Taliban

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Speaking on the Afghanistan videoconference with the participation of 20 countries, Blinken made assessments on the new government announced by the Taliban.

“We must force the Taliban, including the announced interim government or a possible Afghan government, to keep their promise to allow foreign nationals, visa holders and Afghans to travel abroad,” Blinken said. used the expression.

Regarding official recognition of the Taliban, Blinken said, “The Taliban seek international legitimacy and support. This legitimacy and support must be won through action. In our opinion, this cannot be won very quickly. Winning this will be evident over time, not just with words or even with positive first steps. ”Makes his assessment.

Stressing that the interim government established by the Taliban did not pass the “inclusiveness test,” Blinken said they were concerned about the past of names in the cabinet and that it was noted that there was no no women in government.


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Stressing that the Taliban must keep their promises in order to gain international legitimacy, Blinken said, “One way the Taliban is showing they respect the right of movement is to allow charter flights for full people. You know all the charter planes detained at Mazar-i-Sharif Airport. We are in talks with the Taliban on this issue. used the expression.

Blinken, in a statement yesterday, denied allegations that Afghanistan did not allow charter planes to take off and held US citizens hostage.

Michael McCaul, the Republican leader on the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Relations, made statements on the Fox News show he attended on September 5.

Stating that the Taliban were guarding 6 US planes carrying US citizens and Afghan interpreters in Afghanistan at Mazar-i-Sharif airport, McCaul claimed these people would not be allowed to leave as long as the Taliban’s Washington administration would not have officially recognized them.

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