Bomb attack on police headquarters in Afghanistan: 4 dead

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Baglan Police Department spokesman Cavid Beşarat said in a press statement that the Baglan Provincial Police Department was attacked with a vehicle loaded with a bomb.

Stating that three security guards and one civilian were killed in the attack, Beşarat said 20 civilians and 8 security guards were injured.

Beşarat also noted that after the bombing, armed attacks were carried out in different parts of the city and the attackers were neutralized.

Eyewitnesses claimed that the death toll in the attacks was more than 10, and that many homes and workplaces were damaged by the violence of the attack.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks and claimed that 41 security guards were killed.

On the one hand, while efforts to ensure the stability of the country continue, on the other, the attacks continue.

According to the Afghan government, violence has increased in the country for about a month since foreign forces began to withdraw.

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