Bozkır ceded message from UN General Assembly presidency: UN acts timidly

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Bozkır handed over his functions to Abdulla Shahid, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Maldives, who was elected president of the 76th General Assembly.

Making statements to Anadolu Agency and TRT regarding the presidency of the General Assembly, Bozkır said, “I am very proud of my country, on behalf of my nation, on behalf of myself. This is the first time in 75 years of UN history that a President of the Turkish General Assembly has served. It is only the pride of Turkey. “I consider it the pride of the entire Turkish world. building. ”mentioned.


Explaining that he fulfilled this duty in a very difficult time, the UN was almost completely closed due to the epidemic, only he and the office of the Secretary-General were actually present at the start of the epidemic, and when we look at Its history, the UN has never faced such difficulty, “In all these difficult conditions, we have both Because of being the President of the Turkish General Assembly and because I am not satisfied As the UN continues this way, we’ve got that system back on its feet, so to speak, by pushing it a little bit. ” He said.

Stating that they have held 104 General Assembly meetings, over 15 high-level meetings, 325 draft resolutions, all committees have fulfilled their functions and nothing has been left for the next term during this process difficult, Bozkır said: “I naturally see this as a success. “

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Bozkır said he had visited 14 countries at a time when travel could not even be considered and said: “The 14 countries were suitable for my presidential purpose. When I started this function, my first priority was to give giving priority to oppressed countries and communities that felt in need and in a difficult situation. ” he said.

Noting that he addressed the Parliament during his visit to Turkey, was received by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and visited the camps where Syrian refugees are located in Hatay, Bozkır said: “I gave messages to the world so that the entire United Nations supply system functions properly. “I said it and that is why today this door opened with the decision of the UN Security Council. I was able to present to the world public the difficulties faced by the people there and the sacrifice that our country has made in regards. ” noted.

Stating that he also visited Azerbaijan, Qatar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan, Bozkır said: “My main goal was to go to Cox’s Bazaar and visit the Rohingya Muslim camps, and I did so under very difficult conditions. under heavy rains in an approaching hurricane environment. We did it in a day. ”Used his statements.

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Bozkır said that during his visit to Pakistan he was awarded the highest state medal and was honored both for himself and for Turkey.

Bozkır expressed his respect and gratitude to President Erdoğan and Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu for appointing him to this post, saying: “They have given me very strong support during these two years and there is no never had a single moment where I felt alone or in a difficult situation. I have always felt the President of our country, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, all my country and my people behind my back. ”Makes his assessment.

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Stating that the Kovid-19 outbreak is continuing and countries are afraid of the outbreak, Bozkır continued as follows:

“In my opinion, the UN is actually an organization that acts timidly. As 200,000 UN personnel serve in all kinds of difficult areas around the world, risking their lives, losing their lives in bombings, serving in various services, whether in education or health, they are members of the General Assembly in New York. I’ve always thought that countries don’t have the luxury of staying at home, and that’s why I’ve always forced them. The meetings started because I forced them.

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Emphasizing that the UN will take an important step towards returning to its old age with the start of General Assembly meetings next week, Bozkır said: “The UN is also obligated to do so. It owes it to all the peoples of the world. . A general assembly representing 193 countries can never afford the luxury of working from home. “Mentioned.

Stating that he preferred to chair the 75th anniversary of the General Assembly despite all the difficulties, Bozkır said: “It is a very important source of pride to bring a structure that has almost been reset to its current position. used the expression.

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Bozkır said: “While the President of my country or another representative of my country was chairing the General Assembly, I was angry because I could not chair the General Assembly while they were speaking from the podium, but I was still the head of the General Assembly as they spoke on the screens. “he said.

Explaining that the UN, despite having all the means, is not adapted to the conditions of the 21st century and that it is an extremely slow mechanism, Bozkır said:

“There are various bureaucratic obstacles to this. There are balances between the General Assembly and the Security Council. There is a usual trend. When you force this, the current system reacts very badly. The United Nations has a structure and an image that achieves it after events and crises occur. However, the UN, He must have been there before the events. For example, Afghanistan is the latest example. The UN is now trying to raise funds for humanitarian aid, the aid most likely will go. The UN will serve there. Maybe if necessary peace teams with blue berets will go, but to the point of ensuring peace, the UN will do it better. There is no other structure that has the power to work well. The flag of the United Nations is a flag that is respected around the world. You can walk in anywhere with the UN flag … I think it’s a loss for the UN not to go ahead and just follow events while having such an opportunity. “

Bozkır also assessed the balance between the United Nations General Assembly and the United Nations Security Council and continued as follows:

“There seems to be an appearance that the Security Council mainly deals with political affairs and the General Assembly takes care of the rest, however, it is both possible and very easy to change this picture. The key is to strengthen the General Assembly, which is the only democratic platform in the world where 193 countries are represented. The General Assembly wants Otherwise, he can enter into all matters. He can negotiate on all issues. He can make decisions on all matters. There is no obstacle to this. , and an image such as wasting time waiting for the Security Council to take a decision on an issue does not really solve the problems, and the problems can get worse. “

Bozkır recalled that they had convened the General Assembly when the Security Council was blocked on the issues of Syria, Palestine and Myanmar.

Emphasizing that if there is a political wind, all kinds of difficulties can be overcome, Bozkır said:

“The General Assembly is the only mechanism that will provide political wind. World politics, sensing this wind without even needing to make a decision, is acting accordingly. This is how the balance is established. If you say, let us issue a new resolution, revise the UN Charter, change what is written there, it will not happen. In today’s conditions, this is not the case. It is not possible, but when you provide that political wind to the General Assembly, the United Nations arrives in an environment that meets all expectations, and that is the expectation of the countries of the world.

Bozkır also addressed the issue of Security Council reforms and used the following statements:

“If you say that I will cancel the Security Council, one of the five countries has the right of veto, so we are talking about an operation with a definitive end. There are a lot of different groups right now. Some of them say that we should move very quickly on reforms, let’s finish this work as soon as possible. A few other countries are members. Some say, “Let’s be calmer, and some definitely say not to discuss this. , there is a table for these five countries to decide. This is why I repeat what I just said. There is no veto in the General Assembly. You put the question to the vote, no one has the right to veto. or not, that is a separate issue, but neither the Security Council nor the five Council countries have the ability to prevent a decision that is behind the political wind. the group that Turkey is involved in says, “I should become a member as soon as possible, but I am. it is not the sun. “Let’s revise the system for the better. Our president wants to say: “Let us revise the system so that the mechanisms of the UN work at the same time”. Therefore, if we strengthen the General Assembly, this balance will be achieved and it will be possible for the United Nations to have a strong and effective structure that can meet the expectations of the global platform without being subject to veto pressure. .


Evaluating the developments in Afghanistan, Bozkır said: “The Afghanistan issue has developed in a way that has had a clear future for months, and today it is an issue of which we do not know how. solve it.

Bozkır stressed that the rights of women and girls must be respected in Afghanistan. Bozkır also commented on the UN Security Council sanctions against the Taliban:

“We are facing a situation where a different image may emerge every day. Therefore, we have to act calmly and wisely. There is no image that we can get with force in Afghanistan. That is why we have to see how Taliban “We have to see if the Taliban will want to establish a relationship. We have to see that there will be no difference between what the Taliban say and do in their own country. I think it’s too early to even talk about one in a month. We will be watching this image carefully. We will not act emotionally and we will not act in a way that could endanger the whole region, the whole world. We will do our best to prevent this from happening. “


Bozkır also said the following about Turkevi, which will be opened by President Erdogan:

“A proud building has been built for our country. The efforts that began when I was Consul General in New York were granted years later and could be concluded today. It’s a very old story. We owe our thanks to my country, my nation, and our president. We have built such a building at the UN, where 193 countries of the world are represented. It is very important to have it built right in front, to make sure that 193 countries start the day by looking at the Turkish flag there, and to end the day by looking at the Turkish flag again. The building is really a building that one can have for iftar with its architectural features in New York as well as decorated with Turkish motifs. “I’m proud of him. It’s an extremely important gesture. I will of course attend the opening.”

Bozkır added that he will return to Turkey at the end of the month and start his work in parliament, from which he took a break.

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