Breaking news: Delta panic swept the world … Uğur Şahin made a heartwarming statement: BioNTech vaccine is effective against the variant!

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The World Health Organization (WHO) announced a few days ago that the new type of delta variant of the coronavirus (Kovid-19), which was first identified in India, could become the dominant species in the world, WHO chief expert Soumya Swaminathan has said that the contagiousness of the Delta variant has increased and the coronavirus has said it tends to be the dominant species in the world.

One of the most curious questions for Delta, which quickly spread to almost every country, especially the UK, US and Russia, and began to be the most common variant in new cases of Kovid-19, is whether the vaccine effect rate will decrease in the face of the variant.

Uğur Şahin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BioNTech and one of the creators of one of the most effective vaccines against the coronavirus, answered this most curious question about the Delta variant.

Uğur Şahin, in his speech at the company’s online annual general meeting, said that the BioNTech-Pfizer corona vaccines they produced are also effective against the newly emerged variants, and said, “It doesn’t there is currently no evidence that it is necessary to adapt our vaccine to existing variants. “

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Claiming that the information they have learned about the new variants of the coronavirus is increasing day by day, Uğur Şahin pointed out that the immunity of those who have been vaccinated wanes over time and that new variants emerge with this process.

Şahin said they plan to produce three billion doses of the vaccine by 2021 with their US partner Pfizer, adding that this figure will increase even more next year. BioNTech plans to produce at least 50 percent of the vaccines in question. Şahin also added that BioNTech is working on flexible processes in the areas of technology, production and approval.

Uğur Şahin noted that they are constantly analyzing the effectiveness of the vaccine against new variants in order to be prepared and react quickly if a third dose is needed to renew the vaccines currently in use or to adapt them according to the variants that have emerged.

Breaking News: Delta panic swept the world ... Uğur Şahin made a heartwarming statement: BioNTech vaccine is effective against variant

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“I guess the third dose of vaccine may have a high value to replenish immunity. On the other hand, we don’t yet know when and how often the booster vaccination (third dose) will be needed,” said the founding scientist BioNTech.

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