Breaking news: Famous Afghan filmmaker called for help from the world … Thanks to Turkey, who saved him from Sahraa Karimi

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Director Sahraa Karimi, who studied in Czechia and Slovakia and returned to Afghanistan in 2012, shared a video on her social media accounts about what happened in the city when the Taliban entered the capital, Kabul. Karimi, the first woman to head the Afghan State Afghan Film Company, shared with the world the terrifying atmosphere that reigns in the streets of Kabul.

Karimi, who transmitted the frightening moments to the world with all her nudity, asked for the help of world public opinion: “They are coming to kill us! he said.

Simultaneously with the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan under the leadership of the United States, the Taliban took control of the country and entered the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul.

35-year-old Afghan filmmaker Sahraa Karimi reflected the extraordinary atmosphere in the streets of Kabul, where the Taliban have entered, with the video she shared on her Instagram account. In the video, Karimi can be heard saying, “The Taliban have entered the city and we are fleeing. Everyone is afraid.

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In a message she posted on her Twitter account, Sahra Karimi said:

“The Taliban have besieged Kabul. I was going to go to the bank to withdraw money, they closed it and evacuated. I still can’t believe this happened, who did this. Please pray for us. of this great world, please do not be silent. They’re coming to kill us.

After appeals by Sahra Karimi echoed on social media and reverberated around the world, embassies and international organizations were able to save the famous director from Kabul. Karimi thanked Turkey and the Turkish Embassy, ​​the State of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Slovakia, who took immediate action to save him, while sharing “I am alive and in security ”in his tweet about an hour ago.

Expressing that these three countries and institutions have helped 11 other people escape Kabul, Karimi thanked the world on Twitter.

Latest news: Famous Afghan filmmaker called on the world for help ... Thanks to Turkey, who saved him from Sahraa Karimi

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Director Sahraa Karimi, one of the country’s well-known filmmakers and director of Afghan Film, the only film institution affiliated with the central government, also issued a letter calling on the international cinema world and all film fans to face the situation in Afghanistan, saying, “It’s a humanitarian crisis, but the world is completely silent. We need your voice. He appealed for help to the world, especially the international film industry.

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