Breaking News: Lightning Statements from US President Biden: “I Could Not Prolong This Endless War”

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The highlights of Biden’s speech are as follows:

– They did it even though they knew that the terrorists of DAESH Khorasan were still in the crowd. Our diplomatic and intelligence teams have done their job well. 20 soldiers were injured, 13 heroes lost their lives.

– I made the decision in April to end this war. We thought that over 300,000 Afghan armies would fight more seriously in the civil war with the Taliban. This assumption turned out to be wrong. Yet we have educated our team. We were ready for this situation. As they and the Afghan people watched the collapse, we were ready as the President fled the country.

– I let 6,000 soldiers go to Kabul to protect the Kabul airport. We have contacted the Americans in Afghanistan 19 times since March. We warned them, we said, “Let us help you out”.

– We have learned that 5,000 Americans are in the country and those who previously wanted to stay now want to leave. We managed to save 5,500 of our American citizens. We have also removed local employees and their families. We have produced thousands of Afghan translators.

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– We now think there are about 100 to 200 Americans left. Most of them have dual nationality. But at this point, 90% of Americans could leave. There is no deadline for the rest. We will always take them out if they want to go.


– Here we will strive to ensure freedom of movement, safe passage and more than 100 countries and the Taliban will follow instructions. Those who want to leave here can leave and humanitarian aid can reach the Afghan people.

– They said they would give a safe passage. That’s what it was called with the American employees. We don’t just look at the words, we look at the actions. Leaving on August 31 was not something we did here for a forced withdrawal, it was something we did to save the American people.

– There were no preconditions to cooperate with the Afghan government. The day I arrived at the White House, the Taliban held a high position as soldiers. If we had left on May 1, the Taliban would not have attacked any American soldiers. We would either end or escalate the conflict. I couldn’t prolong this endless war. The decision to choose this Kabul airport was also a consensus decision.

– Removed from over 5,500 countries in the United States. For the Afghans, with our partners, we saved 100,000. No country has evacuated as many as us. We haven’t finished yet. I want to appeal to our fellow citizens. Please join me and pray for our soldiers, our diplomats. They have completed this task. They took great risks for an unprecedented result. Veterans and volunteers supported the evacuation.

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– What if we had started the evacuations in July and thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of people had been evacuated? There would be heaps at the airport again and we would be faced with a difficult situation again. Evacuation in the midst of such a war would not be without difficulties.


Trump struck a deal with the Taliban on May 1. We had 2 choices; Either we kept the deal or we sent thousands more troops, stoking the war. I will say to those who want us to stay in Afghanistan for 30 years; What is our national interest?

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– We were attacked by Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden and their superiors were in Afghanistan. We destroyed al-Qaeda. If we were attacked from Yemen in 2001, would we be involved in Afghanistan? I think the answer is no. Because we had no interest. We entered to prevent the attack on the United States.

It is time to end this war. We are in a new world. The threat of terrorism has spread around the world. Daesh is trying to establish a new caliphate in Syria and Iraq. My responsibility here is to protect the United States. Not against the threats of 2001, but against the threats of 2021 and beyond. The security of the United States will not be ensured by the presence of thousands of soldiers here. I also know that; The terrorist threat remains, but it has changed. It has also spread to other countries. Our strategy must therefore change. I will say this to DAESH / Khorasan: we are not done with you yet.

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– The world changes. Right now there is huge competition from China against us. And we are facing a lot of difficulties with Russia. There are cyber attacks. We can both fight terrorism and face new threats. This is what China and Russia want the most; The United States remains in Afghanistan for another 10 years. It works for them.

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