Breaking News … The latest situation in Afghanistan … As the world watched in horror, here’s how the moment of chaos reflected in satellite imagery

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‘Afghanistan’ and ‘Taliban’ have become the two most used words in the world’s media in recent times … The Taliban, who gained ground with the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, entered the capital yesterday Kabul.

While the country’s only remaining link to the outside world was Kabul International Airport, thousands of people who wanted to flee the country flocked to this point, causing blood-curdling images to emerge.

At least seven people have been reported to have lost their lives in the chaotic times reflected on international agencies and social media. An event that left the world in horror also imposed itself on August 16, 2021.

An image reflecting the times when the two people who attached themselves to the plane’s wheels fell off the plane shortly after take-off fell on the agencies. One of these people, whose names could not be determined, fell on the roof of a nearby house after breaking the rope they were hanging on the plane.

Here is the latest situation in Afghanistan …


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The chaos at Kabul airport was reflected in satellite images. The company named Maxar Technologies, which provides satellite imagery, carried crowds in and around the airport in the images it shared on Twitter.


Britain will send another 200 troops to the capital, Kabul, to help evacuate British citizens and Afghans working for them in Afghanistan.


The Uzbek prosecutor’s office announced that 22 military planes and 24 helicopters with 585 Afghan soldiers in 2 days violated Uzbekistan’s airspace.

In the statement, it was stated that 3 Afghan Embraer type planes with 314 Afghan soldiers who requested permission to land at Hanabad airport yesterday were diverted to Tirmidhi airport.

In the statement, it was reported that the Uzbek Mig-29 aircraft, which took off to follow the Afghan-headed planes, collided with one of these planes and crashed in the Surhanderya region, and it was recorded that the pilots jumped with a parachute.

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In the statement, it was pointed out that all the planes and helicopters in question, which had transported 585 Afghan soldiers in the past 2 days, were forced to land at Tirmidhi airport and an investigation was opened into the topic.


After the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, a joint statement was issued following the meeting of the UN Security Council, which convened urgently.

Calling for an immediate end to the conflict in Afghanistan, the statement said a new united and inclusive government should be formed through negotiations with equal participation of women.

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In the statement, it was stressed that the security of all Afghan citizens and foreigners in the country should also be ensured and that negotiations should be initiated as a matter of urgency in order to resolve the current crisis of authority in the country and to achieve a peaceful solution under the Afghan regime. leadership.

Concerns about the serious human rights violations in Afghanistan were also expressed, and all parties were called on to comply with international human rights standards and norms and to end all violations.

EFFICIENT IMAGES … INCREDIBLE DEATH! THE WORLD IS WATCHINGBreaking News ... The latest situation in Afghanistan ... As the world watched in horror, here's how the moment of chaos reflected in satellite imagery

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