Breaking news … TikTok passion has caused disaster: Pakistani youth are horribly dead!

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The TikTok social media platform continues to drift from a virtual world where funny videos are shared to a dangerous point. News of people who have been injured or even lost their lives as a result of dangerous “contests of courage” that have been shot in various parts of the world before has made headlines. The latest example of this dangerous situation occurred in Pakistan.

According to the news announced by the Pakistani police and brought to the agenda by AFP, a young Pakistani died by shooting himself in the head while trying to shoot a video “fake suicide” for TikTok.

The 19-year-old TikTok, whose name was advertised as Hamidullah, was known as a well-known social media user with nearly 600 videos on TikTok. Hamidullah has over 8,000 subscribers on TikTok, and his love for creating videos has cost him his life.

Swat Valley Police Officer Badshah Hazrat told AFP that Hamidullah, who did not know the gun he was using to fire was loaded, pulled the trigger while tilting the trigger. ‘gun to his temple and died instantly at the scene with a bullet from the loaded gun.

The video containing the moments when Hamidullah died was never uploaded to TikTok, but some friends of the young Pakistani have shared the moment of the incident on social media.

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It has been reported that the young man who lost his life has uploaded videos to TikTok already taken joking with his friends or playing cricket.

This terrible incident is not the first death on social media in Pakistan.

Last year in Karachi, a security guard whose TikTok video was played while playing with his rifle died, and another young man died from a train crash while trying to shoot a video.

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