British holidaymakers revolt: why Turkey is on the red list

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British travel writer Lucy Perrin, who wrote an article for The Times, wrote in her article titled “Why Turkey is on the Red List”, “Although there are fewer cases than in the UK United, Britons have been banned from going to Turkey without quarantine since early May. One of the reasons Turkey was on the red list was the rising infection rate and lack of transparency in test results .

Americans and Russians went to Turkey

In the remainder of the article, Perrin spoke about the UK’s safe travel list, which is renewed every three weeks, and said: “While Turkey has not been taken off the UK’s red list, Regulation on August 8, the United Arab Emirates, one of the main countries in the region, was included in the Amber List. All eyes are on the new list, which will be announced on August 26. However, this time it was not planned and Turkey remained on the red list. “While British tourists are virtually barred from traveling to countries on the red list, Americans and Russians have been able to travel to Turkey for vacations,” he said.


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“However, British holidaymakers are angry,” Perrin said, adding: “As of September 2, more than 45,000 people have collected signatures for Turkey to be included in the safe country list. If 100,000 signatures are reached , this request will be discussed in parliament, “he said. The article also included the statement by the Turkish Embassy in London that it expects Turkey to be removed from the list in the next settlement. The spread of variants in the country has been cited as the reason Turkey remains on the red list.

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