Burma is on edge! Call for national uprising

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Duwa Lashi La, vice president of the national unity government, announced in the video he shared on his social media account that he declared a “state of emergency” by demanding an uprising “simultaneously” in every village, town and city in the country. .

Duwa Lashi La, who urged officers not to go to work, called for a “popular revolution” and said that soldiers and police should join the “People’s Defense Force”.

Mahn Winn Khaing Thann, the Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, who was formed by elected MPs against the army which seized power with a military coup in Myanmar and defined itself as the shadow government , said in a statement that the uprising decision had been made. completely overthrow the ruling military administration.

The Burmese military took power on February 1, after allegations of fraud were made in the November 8, 2020 elections and political tensions rose in the country.

The military arrested numerous ruling party officials and leaders, in particular the country’s de facto leader and foreign minister Aung San Suu Kyi, and declared a state of emergency for a year.

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Since then, low-intensity riots have taken place in some towns, while more serious clashes have taken place in rural areas, particularly in border areas where ethnic minority militias have engaged in serious clashes with local people. government troops.

“People’s defense forces” have been established in many areas of the resistance movement against military rule, but these forces, which operate mainly locally, carry out small-scale hit-and-run operations.

Many members of the shadow government are in hiding or living in exile in Myanmar.

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