California Governor Gavin Newsom remains in office after referendum

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After more than 60 percent of the vote was counted, Newsom declared the victory, which turned out to be approved by 66.6 percent of the state.

Governor Newsom, in his victory speech, said in this referendum, the people of California voted “yes” to science, to vaccines, ending the novel coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, voting freely, allowing women to make decisions about their own bodies, pluralism and economic, social and environmental justice. He thanked everyone saying

Its success in the referendum has been interpreted as Newsom’s policy, and in particular the strict measures of Covid-19, gaining the approval of the Californian public.

On the other hand, comments that the governor’s closest rival, Republican and pro-Trump policies Larry Elder against minimum wage, maternity leave, abortion, and Kovid-19 regulations in California, the one of the most progressive states in the United States, contributed to Newsom’s decision. success.

In this state of nearly 40 million people, ballots were sent to the addresses of about 22 million voters for the referendum. About 8.6 million voters in the state are said to have sent the vote by mail before election day.

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The election cost the state more than $ 270 million.


Elder, who is a Trump supporter, repeated Trump’s claims in the 2020 election, hinting that the election could be fraudulent days before the referendum.

Although there is no evidence of voter fraud, Elder linked the “Stop California Cheating” campaign to its official website two days before the election, urging its supporters to sign up for a review of the election results.

“Democracy is not a soccer ball, you cannot throw it away. It is like a delicate antique vase,” Newsom said of the cheating allegations during his victory speech. he commented.


In California, where two-thirds of voters are Democrats, summer poll results showed Democrat Newsom would be sacked and replaced by Republican candidate Larry Elder.

The loss of the state, seen as the stronghold of Democrats, would not only be a major source of morale and embarrassment for Democrats a year before the midterm elections, but would also have lost their majority in the US Senate.

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Democrats feared that if 88-year-old California Senator Dianne Feinstein was removed from office due to health concerns and the senator to be replaced by the California governor was a Republican, Republicans would gain a majority in the Senate American.

The poll results, with names such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren expressing their support for Newsom, prompted US President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to take to the field for the campaign.


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The state of California has long struggled with homelessness, high taxes and high cost of living, as well as wildfires in the summer.

The main reason that led Newsom to the referendum was the handling of the crisis on Kovid-19 and its failure to demand action against the epidemic equally from each industry.

Last November, Newsom was seen eating without a mask at a crowded restaurant, not following Kovid-19’s rules set by himself.

However, Newsom once again placed the COVID-19 crisis at the center of his campaign, which led to his sacking.

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Because, Republican radio host Larry Elder, who is the leader among the alternative gubernatorial candidates in the referendum, has promised to abolish the regulations on the Kovid-19 mask and vaccines if he takes office.


In California, an impeachment referendum is held when 12% of the votes received by governors are collected.

In these referendums, on the ballot papers, voters are asked if they want the governor removed from office and, if they do, who they want to replace him.

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If more than 50 percent of voters approve the governor’s dismissal in the referendum, the governor with the most votes in the second section is elected.

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