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Prime Minister Trudeau today met with the Governor General of Canada, Mary Simon, asking her to dissolve Parliament and call a federal election, as required by law. In a press statement after the meeting, Trudeau announced that Governor General Mary Simon had approved the call for an early election and that the 36-day campaign for Canada’s 44th federal election had officially started. In the early federal elections to be held on September 20, 2021 in Canada, 338 deputies will be appointed. During the early elections, 27.3 million voters will vote in 105,140 ballot boxes which will be opened in more than 20,000 electoral centers. In the 2019 federal election in Canada, 18 million 350 thousand registered voters voted.

The Liberal Party, led by Justin Trudeau, which is currently the largest party in Canada’s federal Parliament with 157 seats, was in the minority government because it could not capture the 170 MPs required to be in power on its own. Previous elections in Canada were held in October 2019 and the next election was normally scheduled for October 2023. According to opinion polls in the Canadian press, the Liberal Party has 35.6 percent of voter support. The reflection of this ratio in the ballot box also means that Trudeau will have the 170 seats necessary to form a majority government. In polls, the main opposition party, the Conservative Party, appears to have 28.8% and the New Democratic Party 19.3%.


On the other hand, it was recalled that the anticipated election campaign in Canada will fall under the fourth wave of the Kovid-19 epidemic, which was officially announced recently. Director of the Public Health Agency of Canada, Dr. Theresa Tam said that despite the fourth wave triggered by the delta variant of the Kovid-19 epidemic, a federal election can be safely held by following the protocols of health and safety, thanks to the high vaccination rate in Canada. The President of the Council of Canadian Federal Elections, Stéphane Perrault, also announced that they can safely organize the 36-day race and the following elections.

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