Celal Özcan’s new book ‘It’s not always kebab’

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Özcan said, “With this book I want to take the reader on a taste journey through Turkey on Turkish food and drink culture. In the book, I have compiled information about the history of simit, tea, coffee, baklava, Turkish delight, dumplings, doner kebab, skender kebab and other delicacies.

In the book, Özcan also explains how Turkish cuisine influenced European cuisine and how it was influenced by European cuisine, and gives an example as follows: “The croissant, which is the jewel of breakfasts in Europe. today is a development of moon cakes. The dough used in the baklava also shaped the Austrian dessert Strudel. The nougat passed through Hungary to Austria and Germany under the name Türkischer Honig (Turkish honey).

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