China calls on international community to take urgent action to end Palestine crisis

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Cang addressed the United Nations General Assembly meeting to discuss the crisis between Israel and Palestine.

Stressing that the targeting of civilians in Palestine is regrettable, Cang said, “China calls on the international community to end the crisis and take urgent measures to prevent the situation from spiraling out of control.” used the expression.

Cang, stating that the UN resolutions on Palestine must be urgently implemented, “We call on Israel to stop the settlements in occupied Palestinian lands, the evacuation of families, the destruction of their homes and the violence. . ” gave the message.

Stressing that the use of force will not produce a solution, Cang said: “The historic status quo of the holy places in Jerusalem must be preserved and this status quo must be respected.” He spoke.

Cang stressed that many civilian homes in Gaza had been destroyed as a result of the attacks and urged parties to conflict in the region to respect human rights law and not target civilian facilities such as hospitals and schools.

Stressing that Israel should lift the blockade of Gaza, Cang noted that the international community should increase its support for Gaza.

Cang added that China supports “the establishment of the Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as its capital, on the basis of the 1967 borders”.

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