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Almost everyone living in Wuhan, where the Kovid-19 outbreak has occurred, have been tested for the virus.

According to information from Xinhua, Li Tao, deputy secretary general of Wuhan municipal government, told reporters that it was decided to carry out mass tests in the city of 11.3 million people due to the increase in cases. Li noted that since Tuesday, almost everyone in the city has been tested.

Li said children under 6 and college students who are out of town for summer vacation are not tested.

Authorities said 9 new cases were discovered during testing in Wuhan and those people have been hospitalized.

Stepping up measures against the epidemic, city officials decided to conduct city-wide testing on August 3, after a long period of local cases.

All schools and educational institutions have been instructed to suspend face-to-face education activities and increase health inspections on their campuses.

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Measures against Kovid-19 have been stepped up, including the requirement to wear masks, measure fever and check health tracking codes in the metro.

China’s National Health Commission said 96 cases of Kovid-19, including 81 of local origin, have been detected nationwide in the past 24 hours.

Since the start of the epidemic in the country, 93,000,701 cases have been encountered, while 4,000,636 people have died from the virus.

It was reported that 9 million 890,000 people were tested in Wuhan between May 14 and June 1, 2020.

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