China’s ‘Child’ Flash Decision – Latest News

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According to information from China’s Shinhua News Agency, the amendment to the Population and Family Planning Law has been approved by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress.

The amendment will come into effect after President Xi Jinping’s approval.

The Communist Party of China Central Committee Politburo, the country’s main political decision-making body, decided to “support couples who wish to have a third child” at its May 31 meeting.

In the statement made after the meeting chaired by Xi, it was noted that the decision aims to “develop China’s demographic structure, respond effectively to the problem of population aging, and maintain the country’s human resource advantage. “.

The amendment marks a return to the “one child” policy adopted by the Beijing administration in 1980 to control population growth.

The “one child” policy implemented in China since the 1980s had greatly reduced population growth with the economic development and urbanization of the country. However, over time, this decrease exposed the problem of population aging and led to a decrease in the share of the working-age population.

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In 2013, the Chinese government relaxed its policy by allowing parents of one-child families to have a second child.


According to the results of the decennial census announced in May, the mainland population of China, which was 1 billion 339 million 724 thousand 852 in 2010, reached 1 billion 411 million 778 thousand 724 in 2020.

While the population has increased by 72 million in 10 years; The average annual increase was 5.3 per thousand.

The number of births in the country decreased by 18% in 2020 compared to the previous year.

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