Chinese Ambassador to London Zheng banned from UK Parliament

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Ambassador Zheng was not allowed to attend a reception in parliament today.

Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons, and Lord McFall, Speaker of the House of Lords, have ruled that Zheng cannot enter Parliament.

As grounds for the decision, the Beijing administration’s sanctions, including the travel ban and asset freeze against 5 lawmakers accused of “spreading false news about China” regarding events in the Uyghur Autonomous Region were cited.

Nusrat Ghani, who is among those MPs, said in a statement to the BBC regarding the decision that he welcomed the ambassador’s “unprecedented” ban and said: “Imposing sanctions on MPs is a direct threat to our parliament and our democracy. We will not be silenced, intimidated by any regime, and our parliament, China. The absurd sanctions of the Communist Party will not become a propaganda tool. noted.

The Chinese embassy, ​​meanwhile, argued that it was a “cowardly and cowardly” move that would harm the interests of both countries.

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Last week, five sanctioned Conservative MPs, Iain Duncan-Smith, Tom Tugendhat, Nusrat Ghani, Neil O’Brien and Tim Loughton, wrote to the Speaker of the House of Commons in a letter to the Speaker of the House that the Ambassador of China in London Zheng should not be allowed to enter. .

“The sanctions imposed by the Chinese government are an attack on parliament, all parliamentarians and committees, not just directly targeted members. We should never allow our workplace to become a platform to legitimize and encourage such sanctions “. expression was used.

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