Christian Wulff talks to Hürriyet: Germany owes its prosperity to Turkish workers

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Honoring the first generation with the Talisman Prize on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the employment contract signed between Turkey and Germany, the German Foundation for Harmonization hosted a reception on behalf of the laureates. The Chairman of the Foundation Board, former President Christian Wulff, said that years after the migration of workers it is now considered a success and it is understood that Germany owes its current prosperity to migrant workers from Turkey.


Responding to Hürriyet’s questions, Christian Wulff noted that immigration is a win-win situation and both immigrants and Germany gain. Wulff said: “At first it was completely underestimated that people came here without families, without speaking the language and without preparing for harmony. Even the concept of a guest worker meant that people would come to work for a short time and go home. It took years to realize that people were coming here, that they wanted to live with their families and that they wanted to stay.


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“These families had children who are German citizens and have adapted very well to Germany. Today it is understood that this is considered a success and that Germany’s current prosperity is partly due to migrant workers from Turkey. Today immigrant children do wonders and play an important role in sport, culture, science and economy. Everyone has benefited from immigration, both immigrants and our country. It was a win-win situation in a way.


Wulff (62) was President of Germany between 2010 and 2012. In 2010 he made a big impact with the words “Islam is also part of Germany”, referring to Muslim immigrants.

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