Clear message from the USA: it must meet the conditions

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In his daily press briefing, Price assessed the Taliban’s efforts to form a government in Afghanistan and the current situation in the country.

Price, the US approach to Taliban legitimacy, “There is no government in Afghanistan at the moment, when a government is formed, it must meet certain criteria for it to be recognized.” valued in his words.

He said they were working with Turkey and Qatar in the process of reopening Kabul airport, and opening the airport benefits all parties, including the Taliban, and the international community. Noting that it is necessary for the Hamid Karzai International Airport to be open for humanitarian aid sent to Afghanistan to reach its destination, Price thanked Turkey and Qatar for their efforts in this regard.

On the other hand, when asked why Afghans evacuated from Afghanistan could not request a ‘P2’ via Turkey, the foreign affairs spokesman said Turkey is an important NATO ally. , that it seriously supports the evacuation process from Afghanistan and that the request in question can be made from many countries.

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Price also said they were continuing the procedures necessary to secure the exit of Afghans who remain in Afghanistan but wish to leave the country, and that negotiations are continuing for the evacuation of those whose procedures have been completed.

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