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Ahmad Massoud, son of Shah Massoud, a former Afghan commander who resisted Soviet occupation, launched resistance against the Taliban in Punjshir with a force of several thousand made up of local militias and former armed forces. Although a large Taliban force has been deployed in the region, the parties have so far avoided a large-scale clash. However, on Monday evening, clashes erupted between the resistance movement and Taliban militants in the Panjshir Valley, at least 7 militants were killed in the incident.

The resistance movement made the statement regarding the loss of life yesterday. National Resistance Forces spokesman Fahim Dashti said the clash took place at the western entrance to the valley and noted that a successful test had been carried out to defend the valley. After the fall of the capital Kabul on August 15, the Punjshir is the only region of the country not under Taliban control. On the other hand, it is reported that there is resistance against the Taliban in the neighboring Baglan region.

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