Commentary “Nothing is sold” on the Turkish SİHA of the French newspaper Le Monde

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In the newspaper’s news, it was stated that Turkey has directed its military industry towards the production of unmanned aerial vehicles in recent years and has increased its exports day by day.

In the news, it was said that Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles, which were successful in Syria, Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh, “sold out”, and these vehicles were reported to be in demand. in the former Soviet countries.

In the news, it was pointed out that the “inexpensive and efficient” armed unmanned aerial vehicles produced by the Baykar company changed the course of the conflict by hitting tanks, armored vehicles, ammunition depots and defense systems. aircraft in 3 conflict zones, where they were used in 2020.

In the news recorded that Turkey has been among the major manufacturers of SİHA such as the United States, Israel and China in less than 10 years, Bayraktar TB2, which is the most requested, can collect information on the position of the forces enemies, direct warplanes towards the target and, thanks to the 4 laser guided missiles that it carries, it was emphasized that it was able to organize its attacks.

In the newspaper’s news, it was pointed out that the attacks by Turkish SİHA had surprising results in crippling expensive and heavy Russian Pantsir anti-aircraft systems in Syria and Libya and Russian Iskander missiles in Armenia.

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