Control of 3 districts in Afghanistan passed from the Taliban to local groups

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According to reports from the Afghan channel “Tolo News”, based on local sources, it was said that there had been violent clashes between local groups and Taliban forces, and both sides suffered heavy losses.

Following the clashes, it was reported that control of the Pule Hisar, Deh Salah and Andarab districts of Baglan province, north of the capital Kabul, had passed to forces affiliated with the former administration and to groups. local.

About 100,000 people, mostly Tajiks, live in the three districts.

It was said to be the first conflict between the parties after the Taliban took control of Kabul, which is largely based on the Pashtun ethnicity.

While the Taliban control 33 of the country’s 34 provincial centers, Penjshir, north of Kabul, is the only Afghan province not yet under Taliban rule, with all of its districts.

It is also known that local groups control a small number of districts in provinces such as Kabul, Parvan, Kapisa, Maydan Wardak.

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Speaking to BBC Persian, Taliban spokesman Mohammed Naim said of the situation in Punjshir: “We will solve the Punjshir problem either through dialogue or by force. used the expression.

It is stated that Penjşir is difficult to capture due to the mountainous and rugged conditions of the terrain.

Ahmad Masud, the son of the famous Afghan commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, who resisted the Soviet occupation, said he was the head of local groups formed in Panjshir province and called on the population to “fight against the Taliban ”.

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