Coronavirus cases decline in India, measures relaxed in some states

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The capital Delhi and the country’s financial center, Mumbai, are among the major cities where the measures have been partially lifted. In the second wave of coronavirus in the country since March, the capacities of hospitals, stocks of medicines and oxygen were insufficient.

Experts, on the other hand, point out that vaccination is progressing very slowly and the threats posed by the new variants, and recommend a very cautious relaxation of measures.

In India, which has a population of approximately 1.4 billion 400 million, 230 million doses of the vaccine have been administered so far, but the ratio of those who have both doses of the vaccine to the population is only 4%. .

Efforts to speed up the vaccination campaign, on the other hand, encountered great difficulties due to insufficient stocks and some bad decisions.

For example, the high cost of vaccination in private hospitals increased the access of urban residents to vaccines, but worked against the poor in rural areas.

“Reluctance to immunize”, which is still not fully overcome in rural areas, remains another challenge. Around 101,000 new cases of coronavirus have been detected in India in the past 24 hours, 2,400 people have died from the Covid-19 disease caused by the virus.

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A month ago, the daily number of cases in the country was 400,000. According to official data in India, around 28 million cases have been observed so far and 350,000 people have died from Covid-19 . But experts say the real numbers are much higher.

Despite the decline in the number of cases, not all states have started lifting the measures.

Racistan in the north and Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana in the south have decided to continue their containment measures until the middle or end of this week.

The state governments of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Haryana, which have started the process of opening up, have announced that they will do so very cautiously, gradually and conditionally.

As of today, Delhi’s high speed train system started operating at half capacity. It was announced that stores would open on different days to prevent shopping venues from getting too crowded.

Shops and restaurants are opening in Mumbai, but malls and cinemas will remain closed for some time. Trains will only run for a few hours a day.

In Uttar Pradesh, Covid measures have been lifted, with the exception of a few areas, and the curfew continues at night and on weekends.

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