Covid-19 mutates 32 times in an HIV-positive patient

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South Africa talks about the patient in whom the coronavirus has mutated 32 times.

Scientists found that the virus had mutated 32 times in a patient with both Kovid-19 and HIV.

According to information from Sputnik International, the South African woman was determined to be a carrier of the virus for 216 days.

It was pointed out that the 36-year-old patient, whose name was not disclosed, was diagnosed with HIV in 2006 and his immune system was weakened due to the disease.

According to the same news, the patient in question was caught in September of the year you contracted the coronavirus.

Since that date, the patient has developed 13 mutations in the sharp protein of Kovid-19 and 19 mutations in other parts.

It was stated that some of these mutations also included mutations seen in England and South Africa.

Experts believe this is no coincidence, pointing out that new variants are emerging across the country in areas where at least 1 in 4 adults are HIV-positive.

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Scientists are now examining the link between the mutation and HIV.

The researchers point out that if similar conditions are observed in other HIV-positive patients, these patients can “become a variant factory.”

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