Critical Russian statement ahead of Erdogan-Putin summit

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AA- Referring to developments in Afghanistan, Lavrov said they hoped that the large number of weapons left behind after the “hasty” US withdrawal would not be used for destructive purposes.

Stating that they are in contact with the Taliban and that it is extremely important that the Taliban keep their promises on inclusive government, Lavrov said, “At the moment, international recognition of the Taliban is not on the table. noted.


Lavrov responded to the AA correspondent’s questions as to why Russia has stepped up its attacks in Idlib, despite the agreement to reduce tensions in Idlib ahead of the Erdogan-Putin meeting, and whether there is a consensus between the United States and Russia east of the Euphrates:

“There is a special agreement between the Russian president and the Turkish president in Idlib, and our Turkish counterparts have taken responsibility for separating normal opponents from terrorists. It should have been done a long time ago, but it was not. the case. to happen, it advances a little slowly. ”

Lavrov said the Idlib issue will be discussed at the summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on September 29.

Stating that they maintain periodic contacts with the United States east of the Euphrates, Lavrov said the United States’ presence in the al-Tanf and Rukban areas is unacceptable.

Indicating that they have also discussed the de-escalation mechanism with the United States, Lavrov said the mechanism is working.
Lavrov called on the United States to “take a more active position” in order to resume the stalled talks on Iranian nuclear power.

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