Critical Statements from the Scientific World on the Delta Plus Coronavirus Variant

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According to BBC News, India’s Ministry of Health said Delta Plus variant, also known as AY.1, spreads more easily than other variants, binds to cells more easily lungs and is resistant to treatment with antibodies.

If there is evidence that a variant thought to be mutated meets at least one of the criteria such as easier and faster transmission, more severe disease, and antibody resistance, it is classified as ” worrying variant ”.

However, some virologists who questioned the classification of Delta Plus as a “variant of concern” said there was no data to prove that the variant in question was more contagious or more serious than the other variants.

Virologist Dr. While Gagandeep Kang said there is no data to prove the accuracy of the claims made about the new variant, he stressed that biological and clinical information is needed to understand whether the new variant variant is a concern.

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The Indian Ministry of Health announced that the Delta Plus variant, which was first seen in April, has been detected in around 40 people in three states in India and the variant has been seen in 9 other countries. (United States, England, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Poland, Nepal, Russia and China).

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