Cuba approves use of two national Covid-19 vaccines

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The Caribbean country of Cuba has approved the emergency use of the new type of coronavirus vaccine (Kovid-19) developed by itself, named “Soberana 02” and “Soberana Plus”.

It was stated that the efficacy rate in clinical trials of vaccines developed by the National Vaccine Institute Finlay (IFV) was 91.2 percent.

The IFV, in its statement, noted that they have reached 3 vaccines in total, with emergency use approval for the two vaccines in question.

The Cuban Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) tweeted on June 22: “Cuba today has 5 candidate vaccines, ‘Soberana 02’ with 62% efficiency and ‘Abdala’ with 92.28% efficiency . These are already considered vaccines. Cuba will be the first country to vaccinate its population with its own means. ” expressions were used.

The first shipment of the Cuban national vaccine, Abdala, was made to Venezuela on June 25 to support its fight against Covid-19.

In the country, 564 thousand 11 people caught Kovid-19, 4 thousand 397 people died.

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