Cyber ​​tension between Germany and Russia

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Andrea Sasse, deputy spokesperson for the German Foreign Ministry, at the press conference in Berlin, “The German government has reliable information that the activities of ghost writers may be cyber-supporters of the Russian state or Russian foreign military intelligence. ” used the expression.

Stressing that Russia’s cyber attacks are “completely unacceptable” as they cause “a threat to German national security” and “tensions” in bilateral relations, Sasse said: “The German federal government calls on the Russian government to put an immediate end to these illegal cyber activities. ”used the expression.


According to information in the German press, the cyberattacks in question were carried out against 7 federal councilors and 31 deputies from the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD).

Germany’s Interior Ministry warned in June that the country’s general elections, to be held on September 26, 2021, could be the target of Russian cyber attacks.

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The ministry said in the report that it viewed the attack on political parties as a “serious threat” to the upcoming federal election.

After the attack on the Bundestag in Germany in 2015, Parliament’s IT system had to be changed. German security authorities have accused a group of hackers suspected of being behind Russian intelligence for the attack and handed Russia a note in 2020.

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