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As NATO countries, along with Ukraine, prepared for the largest naval exercise “Sea Breeze” in the Black Sea on June 28, a crisis unprecedented since World War II erupted off the Crimea yesterday. . In view of Crimea’s maritime borders, which it annexed to Ukraine in 2014, Russia has opened a warning fire to the British warship “Defender” in the region.


The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement about the incident: “The British ship pierced Russian territorial waters at around 11:52 am, off Cape Fiolent on the Crimean Peninsula, and entered three miles away. . The vessel was alerted using communication channels. After the British ship ignored the warnings, our coastguard boat in the area fired two warning shots in the course of the warship between 12:06 p.m. and 12:08 p.m., two minutes apart. As the ship continued on its way through Russian waters, at 12:19 p.m. our Air Force SU-24M bomber dropped a bomb near the British warship. After this second interception fire, the foreign warship entered the route leaving Russian territorial waters at 12:23 pm.


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Meanwhile, Russian Chief of Staff Valeriy Gerasimov, speaking at the International Security Conference in Moscow, said: “Warships belonging to NATO countries systematically make similar provocations in the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea. These can one day lead to adverse events. The Russian Embassy in the United States has warned the Biden administration that Exercise Sea Breeze should be abandoned, otherwise adverse events could occur in the region by accident. With the start of the NATO exercise, Russia announced that it would launch missiles into the waters around Crimea by declaring Navtex (announcement to sailors) on the same dates.

Dangerous clash in the Black Sea


Britain has denied claims that the Russian plane fired warning shots at the British warship. In a statement from the UK Ministry of Defense, “HMS Defender was not shot on warning. The Royal Navy ship safely crosses Ukrainian territorial waters in accordance with international law.

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Military experts say the dangerous incident yesterday off the coast of Crimea is linked to the major naval exercise that 32 NATO member countries will launch with Ukraine in Black Sea waters on June 28. In this year’s exercise “Sea Breeze”, Turkey will activate Bayraktar-TB2 SİHA vehicles as well as a warship. 32 warships, 5,000 troops and 40 warplanes from NATO countries will participate in the exercise, which will continue until 11 July.

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