Deadly monkey pox virus detected in England!

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After the coronavirus, the Monkeypox virus has now been observed in the UK.

According to reports in the British newspaper Daily Mail, official authorities have confirmed that the deadly virus has been detected in two people in the country.

According to the same news, it was pointed out that two people with the virus received it from abroad.

Monkey pox is mainly observed in Central and West Africa. However, UK authorities did not disclose the identity of the patients and the country they were visiting.

It was announced that the patients had been infected as early as the first weeks of May and had been quarantined under pandemic restrictions upon their return to the UK.

According to information published in the British press, the patients in question were in home quarantine under the Kovid rules.

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The health minister called the situation “absolutely standard” and insisted that “such epidemics are encountered all the time”.

However, he gave no details on the number of patients infected with the virus or whether the virus has spread with the coronavirus in the UK.

The rare tropical disease that causes skin blisters is caused by a virus spread by monkeys, rats, squirrels and other small mammals.

However, scientists have pointed out that person-to-person transmission of this virus is very rare and does not spread as easily as the coronavirus.

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