Death ambulance horror! He killed the sick and made money!

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A rescuer on the Italian island of Sicily has been convicted of murdering patients in an ambulance to earn money from the funeral. Davide Garofalo, a paramedic determined to have acted in cooperation with the Mafia, was sentenced to life in prison.

In the incident in the town of Biancavilla in the city of Catania, 46-year-old stretcher bearer Davide Garofalo was convicted of murdering an elderly woman and man and a 55-year-old patient in a ambulance between 2014 and 2016. It was determined that 3 seriously ill people were killed by injecting air into their veins.

Garofalo was accused of killing patients for 200-300 euros, which was received in exchange for the custom of dressing the dead at funerals and sharing that money with Mafia clans.

While the prosecutor’s office requested 30 years in prison for Garofalo for capital murder and mafia-type extortion, the Catania court ruled on life imprisonment.

The scandal known as the “death ambulance” was revealed in 2017 by the TV show Le Iene. Garofalo and another rescuer allegedly committed a murder in order to obtain funeral money and share this money with the Mafia clans.


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While Garofalo was convicted within a week of his trial on these charges, the case against Agatino Scalisi, the other aid worker charged for the same reason, continues.

Both suspects denied the charges against them.

Speaking to the Le Iene program and later testifying in court, two funeral staff described the system put in place by rescuers and Mafia clans as follows:

“Sometimes suffering patients have not died at the hand of God. They (the paramedics) injected air into their veins while the patients were being transported.

“They had full control over the funeral and transporting the dead from hospital to home. They accelerated the death of patients to earn more money. Behind them were two groups that wrote the criminal history of this region.

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