Death toll worsens in Indonesian prison fire

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Spokeswoman for the Indonesian Prison Law and Human Rights Ministry, Rika Apriant, gave information on the fire which broke out yesterday at 1:45 am local time in block C2, where 122 prisoners convicted of drug-related offenses stay in the prison.

Stating that 3 people seriously injured in the fire died during treatment, Apriant said: “Today the total number of fatalities has increased to 44 with the death of 3 people. noted.

Aprant said treatment of 5 injured people is continuing at the hospital.

Police are still investigating the cause of the fire.

Law and Human Rights Minister Yasonna Laoly told media the fire was allegedly caused by a short circuit.

Laoly said the prison near the capital, Jakarta, was built in 1972 and has not been repaired since then.

It was noted that at the time of the fire, prisoners were locked in their rooms and 40 people died at the scene.

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Riots and escapes are common in Indonesian prisons, where the capacity is greater than that of inmates.

Despite its capacity of 600, around 2,000 prisoners are held in Tangerang prison, where the fire took place.

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