Declaration of NATO as a Confession of Germany

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German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas answered questions from Spiegel magazine.

In the interview, Mass said that NATO decisions are made from time to time in Washington and that Brussels has little to say and stressed that more political discussions should take place before sending the soldiers. anywhere.

Emphasizing that there is a risk of implementing decisions taken in Washington, regardless of the president of the United States, Maas made the following assessments:

“We have to think about strengthening NATO’s European leg in Europe. The reality is that we are not able to conduct difficult international missions without the United States, so the Americans decide a lot and we follow. in Afghanistan is our responsibility to the world in terms of foreign and security policy. This must not lead us to reject it completely. However, what happened in Afghanistan must not happen again.

Maas stressed that the question of whether such missions will be possible in the future under NATO leadership should be discussed within the Union, and said: “Is our duty to ensure peace? and respect for human rights? Is it part of exporting our administration system? It definitely failed in Afghanistan. “.

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Stating that he did not plan to step down from his post after the developments in Afghanistan, Maas stressed that he was only thinking of drawing conclusions from the mistakes made during this process and of expelling as many people as possible from ‘Afghanistan.

Maas said that German intelligence services, like the intelligence services of other countries, made incorrect assessments of the situation in Afghanistan. made the statement.

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