Delta alert issued in Germany – Latest news

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Due to the Delta variant, which is said to have a fairly high rate of spread, Germany has gone on high alert. Hessen State Chancellor Volker Bouffier (CDU), who has warned that the mutated virus will also be effective in Germany within a month, said restrictions are inevitable if not careful. German health experts have also asked not to travel to countries like Portugal, England and Russia, where the Delta variant is said to be effective.


“I think the delta variant virus will be the most common strain in Germany within a month at the latest,” Bouffier said. The question mark is which vaccine will be most effective against it. It should be taken into account that people may have contracted this virus after returning from summer vacation. Given the possibility of the 4th wave, there is talk of imposing contact restrictions again. “

It has been reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has also drawn attention to the need to strike the right balance between freedom and prudence. Markel argues that masks should be kept as the simplest and easiest solution. According to the Robert Koch Institute, 543 new cases and 41 deaths were recorded yesterday in Germany.

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