Delta effect: Israel considers new restrictions

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In the written statement made by the Ministry of Health, it was stated that the Kovid-19 test of 5 thousand 755 people in the last 24 hours was positive and that 21 patients died.

Thus, it was stated that the number of people who lost their lives due to the virus in the country with a population of about 9.3 million reached 6 thousand 580, and the total number of cases reached 914 thousand 403 .

In the country where the number of active cases is approaching 39,000, it was noted that the condition of 400 of the patients was serious.

On the other hand, the Israeli cabinet will meet today to assess measures that can be taken to slow the spread of the epidemic.

Following the meeting, as recommended by officials from the Ministry of Health, it is expected that the decision to reduce the number of participants in indoor events to 50 and 100 in open areas is expected.

It is also stated that increasing the number of rapid test centers in the country will be discussed at the cabinet meeting.

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Local media reports say more than 90 percent of new cases in Israel are caused by the Delta variant, which was first identified in India.

In Israel, which has successfully brought the outbreak under control through vaccination in recent months, the rapid increase in Kovid-19 cases due to the Delta variant has gained attention in recent days.

In early June, the number of daily cases in Israel fell below 20 and the total number of active cases rose to 186.

Due to the increase in cases, the requirement to wear masks in closed areas resumed on June 25 in Israel.

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