Demonstration flight completed at sea – News

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During a demonstration flight over the UK’s famous Bournemouth Beach, a plane crashed into the sea just yards from the concrete jetty and boats at around 3:50 p.m. local time. At the time of the accident, the young acrobat was strapped to the plane as part of the demonstration. When the plane turned around, the woman was seen to have managed to surface after about a minute. In videos shot at the scene, the woman was heard shouting “Help, help”. While eyewitnesses described the events as “terrifying,” an eyewitness said he believed the plane was going to crash to land and the pilot managed to fall into the water at the last moment.


As it was announced that the pilot and the acrobat had received minor injuries, festival director Jon Weaver said: “It is a great chance that there were no casualties.” Police have opened an investigation into the accident. However, while the festival was suspended after the crash, the performance of British aerobatic team Red Arrows was also postponed.

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