Department of Combating Drug Crime: The New Way to Ship Cocaine to Turkey

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On the presidency’s Twitter account, the route which includes the distribution of cocaine shipped from South America to Europe and Asia via Turkey, and a graphic with data on the fight against cocaine for years 2016-2020 has been shared.

In the post, it was stated that with regard to cocaine shipped from South America, a new route has been formed through Turkey to Europe and Asia.

In the message, which was reminded that the Department is the national contact point for the European Union, it was stated that the “Turkish Drug Report” is published annually. In reports published over the past two years, it has been pointed out that Turkey has become the springboard in terms of cocaine being shipped from South America to Europe.

“Although the number of cocaine seized in our country and the number of drug-related incidents that have occurred have increased over the years, the number of cocaine-related incidents is decreasing. This is one of the indicators that our country has become a transit point / springboard for cocaine. The Turkish law enforcement authorities are aware of the drug threat in our country and the security elements to the customs police teams, he is sincerely fighting. Instead of worrying about drug seizures, let’s celebrate. detected by the intervention of the police.

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