Dutch Foreign Minister resigns from his post

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During the session where the parliamentary question on Sigrid Kaag and Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld was discussed in the Dutch parliament, the two ministers were condemned on the grounds that the evacuation of civilians from Afghanistan had been delayed and unsuccessful.

During the vote to condemn Foreign Minister Kaag, 78 deputies voted “yes” and 72 deputies voted “no”.

Speaking after the vote, Kaag said: “Parliament ruled the cabinet did not do the right thing. I have to accept the results. If the policy is rejected, the minister should resign. used the sentences.

Kaag’s resignation will be submitted to the Dutch King Willem Alexander.

Kaag, who rose to the post of secretary of state in May 2021, currently leads Democrats 66 (D66), who are expected to be part of the planned coalition government.

The resolution condemning Defense Secretary Bijleveld was also passed in parliament.

Speaking ahead of the vote, Bijleveld said he had no intention of resigning regardless of the outcome.

While the People’s Party for Democracy (VVD), Democrats 66 (D66) and the Christian Democratic Party (CDA) of the coalition voted no to the sentencing decision, the Christian Union Party (CU) voted no voted yes en bloc.

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