Earthquake in the Catholic Church! German cardinal resigns amid sexual abuse scandals

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German Cardinal Reinhard Marx, one of the leading figures of the Catholic Church, has tendered his resignation to the Pope on the grounds that the Church has failed to tackle abuse scandals.

Marx, who served as Archbishop of Munich and Freising, one of the most important posts of the Catholic Church in Germany and even in Europe, called the harassment cases “catastrophic” in a letter he sent. to the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francesco.

Marx announced that he had decided to resign in order “to take joint responsibility for the catastrophe of sexual harassment by church officials”.

As Cardinal Marx resigned his post as Archbishop, he said he would remain a clergyman of the church.

Stating that the church has entered a “dead end” in tackling these harassment scandals, Marx said he hopes his resignation will lead to a fresh start on this issue.

Marx also criticized the resistance of some church officials to abuse scandals, writing:

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“Surveys of the past 10 years show that there are institutional and systematic failures as well as individual failures and mismanagement. Recent controversies and debates have shown that some Church officials are reluctant to accept. this responsibility and this complicity. They oppose any reform and innovation in the crisis linked to sexual harassment. “


Claiming that the Catholic Church needs reform in this regard, Marx used the following expressions:

“There are two elements that should not be overlooked: individual errors and institutional failure, which require changes and reforms in the Church.

“Personally, I feel guilty and responsible for the silence, neglect and too much emphasis on the prestige of the institution.”

Recalling that perpetrators of sexual harassment in the Catholic Church only began to emerge after 2002, and especially since 2010, Marx criticized: “However, this change in the fluidity of gaze has still not materialized.

“The disinterestedness of the victims is OUR GREATEST CRIME”

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“Our greatest crime in the past was without a doubt our neglect and indifference to the victims,” Marx said.

Emphasizing that the Catholic Church is going through a crisis in Germany, Marx said: “Our personal failure and our fault are among the reasons for this crisis.

“I have been a priest for 42 years and a bishop for almost 25 years,” wrote Marx, 67. “I am distressed at how much respect for bishops has diminished, perhaps even to its lowest level ever.”

Cardinal Marx wrote his letter of resignation on May 21, but the pope has yet to announce his decision whether or not to accept the resignation, according to the website of the Archdiocese of Munich.

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When Cardinal Marx was the head of the German Bishops’ Conference as head of the Catholic Church in Germany, he investigated crimes of sexual harassment by Church officials in the country.

Earthquake in Catholic church German cardinal resigns amid sexual abuse scandals

As a result of this research, according to the report released in 2018, it was determined that 1,670 clergy sexually assaulted 3,677 children between 1946 and 2014 in the country.

Last week, the Pope sent a delegation to Cologne to examine the handling of the sexual harassment scandals.

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The pope’s decision to send a delegation follows a report of sexual harassment within the Cologne church.

The report on harassment in the Archdiocese of Cologne found that between 1975 and 2018 more than 300 people were victims of harassment, most of whom were under the age of 14.

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