Eğriboz ashes rained on Izmir – Latest News

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Forestry professor Doğan Kantarcı, who explained the similarities between the fires in GREECE and the fires in Turkey, said: “Our difference is in extinguishing the fire. While they are strong in the aircraft and helicopter fleet, forestry services are weak. Our air power is weak, our forestry organization is very strong, “he said. Mikdat Kadıoğlu, professor of meteorology and disaster management, said there is a fire season throughout the northern hemisphere , who knows summer, and that fires are normal.


teacher. Kantarcı said the ashes that fell in Izmir yesterday morning were caused by the fire that occurred on the Greek island of Eğriboz in the Aegean Sea. Explaining that the ashes from the fire reached Izmir with westerly and northwesterly winds, Kantarcı summarized the similarities and differences between the fires in Greece and the fires in Turkey as follows:


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“The fires of the two countries are similar, red pine forests are also burning there … There are thickets and Mediterranean scrub on both sides. Basra’s low pressure, or July temperatures known as Eyyam-ı Bahur, causes the fire to spread very quickly. Three days ago, the Eyyam-ı Bahur border rose to Balıkesir, yesterday it went down to Denizli. We do not agree with Greece on putting out the fire. They have enough planes and helicopters, but because the forestry services are not as powerful as ours, they could not put out the fire quickly.

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