Egypt has opened the border gate for Palestine!

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After the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, which was under Israeli blockade, Egypt allowed aid to pass through the Rafah border gate and opened the doors to Palestinians.

It was stated that 3 buses carrying 263 people passed through the border gate. The Cairo administration sent 16 ambulances to the border gate for those injured in the Israeli shelling and required emergency surgery.

Local media reported that the wounded in Gaza were taken for treatment in Egyptian hospitals. It was stated that the delegation of Egyptian doctors was present at the Refah border gate.

The convoy carrying humanitarian aid supplies prepared by Egypt for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip headed for the Rafah border gate.

In news from the official Egyptian agency MENA, it was stated that the aid had been sent in coordination with the Palestinians in Gaza on the instructions of Egyptian President Abdulfettah al-Sisi.

In the report, no detailed information was given on when the aid convoy en route to the Rafah border gate will arrive in Gaza and on the contents of the aid materials.

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The situation is worsening in the besieged Gaza Strip, which Israel has struck by air and land since May 10.

During the Israeli attacks, 197 people, including 58 children and 34 women, lost their lives, 1,235 people were injured and dozens of buildings were completely destroyed or became unusable.

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