Egypt signs contract to purchase 30 Rafale fighter jets from France

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The assertion initially made by the investigative journalism site Disclose Monday is therefore officially recognized.

Disclose wrote that the sale was closed at the end of April, that the signatures could be signed on Tuesday (today) during the Egyptian delegation’s visit to Paris and would be realized for 3.75 billion euros.

Egypt gave no explanation on the material dimension of the agreement. The department just said it will be paid off on a 10-year loan.

According to Reuters, French President Emmanuel Macron said in a speech in December that he did not want to tie arms sales to Egypt to human rights conditions because such a move could “harm the struggle. of Cairo against terrorism in the region ”.

France sold 18 Rafale to Greece for 2.5 billion euros in January. According to Reuters, France, Egypt’s largest arms supplier, sold 24 fighter jets to Cairo in 2013-17.

Benedicte Jeannerod, Director of Human Rights Watch France, criticized the deal because “France is encouraging such policies with this mega-arms deal while the Sisi government has committed serious human rights violations in the name of fighting terrorism in Egypt with the worst period of repression in decades. “

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In contrast, France, Germany and Spain fell short of their goal of reaching an agreement on next-generation fighter jets until May 1.

The Next Generation Air Combat System (FCAS), the largest defense project in the European Union, will replace the French Rafale and German and Spanish Eurofighter aircraft from the 2040s.

Reuters reports that the three countries could not agree on intellectual rights while developing joint fighter jets. The cost of the project is expected to reach 100 billion euros.

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