“Einstein was wrong! “Famous physicist opposed to” most shocking discovery “

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When he published his theory of general relativity in 1915, Albert Einstein sparked a scientific revolution that spawned new discoveries even today. Reversing Newton’s model of gravity, the theory changed the fundamental principle of the universe from a force between massive bodies at the curvature of space and time.

Regarding general relativity as one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century, scientists gave second place to Einstein’s special theory of relativity. Even today, GPS satellite operators tune their high-precision devices according to the principles set out by Einstein over 100 years ago.

However, living in a world where “the laws ensure that everything always happens under the same conditions,” Einstein was about to encounter a whole new world of physics that threatened to upset everything he thought he knew about science. universe.

Einstein is considered by many to be the “third father” of quantum theory, after physicists Neils Bohr and Max Planck.
Unlike general relativity, quantum theory describes extremely strange principles called particles that rule the world at the smallest level imaginable.

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According to Elsie Burch Donald, author of the new book Youniverse: A Short Guide to Modern Science, the discovery seemed almost too damning for the famous physicist.

To an outside observer, quantum physics can appear as a set of contradictory principles that disrupt the order of the universe. Quantum theory does not agree one hundred percent with general relativity. So much so that scientists still haven’t found a way to combine the two.

This conundrum has led some to consider the possibility that Einstein was always wrong. In general relativity, events follow one another. Scientists can still identify a cause and effect relationship on a cosmic scale.

In quantum theory, events are much more probabilistic. It is often incomprehensible to non-experts. In other words, it seems that in the quantum world the possibilities completely reign.

For example, unlike decades of research describing light as a particle, scientists have observed that photons of light sometimes behave like waves and sometimes like particles.

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According to Donald, Einstein was against the world of quantum physics because it was weird, which was his biggest mistake. The author has been called “the most shocking discovery in the history of science.” Einstein thought it was a disaster. He says and adds: “God does not play dice”, he celebrates to express his objection. But he was apparently wrong. The famous physicist once joked: “What should I do, I’m not Einstein” in the face of his mistake.

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