End of the second Berlin conference on Libya

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Speaking at the opening of the second Berlin conference, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that support for the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national unity of the Libya was once again demonstrated today.

Expressing that there are difficulties in a united Libya, Maas said: “Almost nothing will be as important for peace and stability as the national elections on December 24”.

Noting that after decades of dictatorship and years of conflict, the Libyan people finally wanted to make their voices heard, Maas noted that for this reason, it should be reaffirmed that these elections will be free, fair and genuinely held on the specified date. .

Maas said foreign fighters still in Libya influence the peace process by their mere presence.

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That is why the Libyan ceasefire agreement and Security Council resolutions have made it clear that foreign fighters, soldiers and mercenaries should leave the country, adding: “We who are seated here at the table today” hui, we must all show the political will to achieve this. “makes his assessment.

Stating that the message of the second Berlin conference was the end of foreign intervention and the implementation of the arms embargo, Maas noted that he was grateful that this was repeated in the final statements.

Dibayba: “Libya is in an unstable situation due to the presence of mercenaries and politically oriented military forces”
Speaking at the opening of the conference, Libyan Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dibeybe said they appreciated the efforts of Germany and the international community to resolve the Libyan crisis.

Dibeybe said the security situation in Libya is volatile due to the presence of mercenaries and politically oriented military forces. There are concerns. ” mentionned.

Stressing that they are in a period which requires them to take a decisive and historic position, the Libyan Prime Minister declared: “We are working for the unity of Libya. Libya faced the threat of division a year and a half ago. he said.

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Stressing that there is no way out at the dialogue table and that “neither war nor conflict” can be returned, Dibeybe said he is here to review the commitments of the first Berlin conference.

End of the second Berlin conference on Libya

Regarding the legislative and presidential elections decided on December 24 in Libya, “the elections are in 6 months and there are still internal disagreements in addition to the budget which is not approved”. Dibeybe said:

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“I will spare no effort to give[au peuple libyen]the ability to choose who will represent him and overcome all obstacles along the way. I want the friends of Libya here present to pave the way for the elections, ”he said.

Noting that they are preparing to open the coastal road that connects the east and west of the country, which has been closed for about two years, Dibeybe said they will finalize the work by holding a cabinet meeting in Benghazi in the east of the country. .

The second conference, which was held for the first time on January 19, 2020 to find a political solution to the Libyan crisis, brought together Libyan Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dibeybe, the Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs of the UN Secretary-General Rosemary DiCarlo as well as the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the countries concerned.

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In messages he shared on his Twitter account, Dibeybe said that “as representatives of the government of national unity, the Libyans came to Berlin with the hope of a stable state.”

Dibeybe said: “We refuse to return to wars and to play with the future of the state. We will do everything possible to ensure the well-being of our people and the stability of our country.” made statements.

The Libyan Prime Minister indicated that he had come to Berlin to “renew the commitments made by the participants in the first Berlin conference and to support the stability, territorial integrity, the unity of Libya, as well as for s ‘ally with the friends of Libya on the best solutions for the protection of the people and the national sovereignty of the country. “.

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Referring to the elections scheduled for December, Dibeyba said: “There are many challenges ahead, but there is a great opportunity to achieve democracy and give the Libyan people the confidence to elect their representative through honest elections. and fair. made his assessment.

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