England took Greece as an example! “push” plan for immigrants

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The government official, who declined to be named, said in a statement to the British press that border force personnel will be trained to keep the boats out of their waters, adding that although the government has accepted the idea potential of the pushback tactic, operational details are still not finalized.

He added that pushback tactics will only be used under very specific and tight conditions and when considered safe.

Interior Minister Priti Patel yesterday met French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin as part of the G7 interior ministers meeting to discuss the migrant crisis, but the two sides were unable to agree on new measures.

After the meeting, some newspapers wrote that the UK government was considering allowing border force personnel to turn back boats.

French Interior Minister Darmanin also wrote to his British counterpart Patel, warning that tactics to push boats back to French shores would be dangerous.

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More than 1,500 migrants have crossed the Channel by boat so far this week, and the British government has said it will use all possible tactics at its disposal to fight human trafficking.


The tactic proposed by the British authorities is already being used in the Aegean Sea by the Greek authorities who push migrants back into Turkish waters by boat.

As Greece hermetically closes its doors to refugees seeking “safe asylum” due to civil war and instability in their country, it systematically applies violence and the method of “refoulement” against migrants irregulars coming to his country.

Along with pushback tactics, international law and European Union (EU) rules are also neglected.

The practices of the Greek Coast Guard, which forcibly pushed back the boats of asylum seekers who wanted to cross the coastal regions of Turkey to Greek islands such as Lesvos, Samos and Kos by sea, are also reflected in the reports. media and reports from impartial non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Turkey and human rights organizations have repeatedly condemned Greece’s illegal practice of returning asylum seekers, saying it endangers the lives of vulnerable migrants, including women and children , and violated humanitarian values ​​and international law.

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In Amnesty International’s “Violence, Lies and Pushbacks” report, it was stated that pushing back irregular migrants to Turkey has become “Greece’s de facto border policy” and called on the European Union (EU) to ” initiate infringement proceedings against Greece.

In the report, where violence at European borders is of interest to everyone, it is stated that 21 new push-backs to Turkey were documented in June-December 2020, most of them in the Meriç River.

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