Erdogan statement by French President Macron

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French President Emmanuel Macron, during the press conference held at the Elysee Palace, said that he and President Erdogan wanted to meet at the NATO summit: “It is a good thing. We need to see us “. mentionned.

Expressing that he has deep differences of opinion with Erdogan, Macron said: “Even if there are differences of opinion, we have to talk to each other and keep talking.” used the expression.

Macron said he wanted to discuss the fight against “radical Islam” of NATO, Syria, Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh and France with President Erdogan.

Expressing that he will tell Erdogan that the fight against “radical Islamism” in no way targets the religion of Islam, Macron said he would also talk about areas of cooperation that can be done with Erdogan.

Macron said he has always been open on issues related to human and journalists’ rights and bilateral relations, and as he speaks openly in one-on-one meetings, he has also done in front of the public.

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