Ersin Tatar: No one’s power is enough to sever our ties with Turkey

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TRNC President Ersin Tatar visited Governor Vahdettin Özkan in his office on the second day of his program in Konya. Next, Tatar visited the Mevlana Museum and prayed near the Mevlana sarcophagus. Later in his speech, Tatar met the Cypriot veterans and said: “After becoming president, we are now talking about two states living side by side in Cyprus. A federation, a partnership with the Greeks, is now a thing of the past. They have never been accepted. Because the Greeks have always rejected out of hand the good intentions of the Turks. In fact, it does not matter whether there will be an agreement based on sovereign equality, on the basis of two states, that is, in the cooperation of two states. Because the game is to get Cyprus completely into the European Union. In the context of the Federal Republic of Cyprus, in the European Union with its north and south, to separate us from Turkey. No one has the power to sever our ties with Turkey. Our ties to the Republic of Turkey are equivalent to our historical unity of heart. Since 1571, the bonds of spirituality and unity of heart between us and the national effervescence have brought us closer together, ” he said.

TRNC President Tatar, who turned 61, was surprised with a birthday cake while visiting the families of the martyrs. Tatar cut the cake and ate it with the families of the martyrs. Then, TRNC President Ersin Tatar visited İrfan Civilization Research and Culture Center and watched a sema broadcast.


Tatar, who then met with businessmen from the Konya Chamber of Commerce, said:

“The TRNC is, in a way, a border guard for our nation in the Eastern Mediterranean. As a sovereign state, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is genuinely cooperating with Turkey to protect our national interests in the Eastern Mediterranean and preserve our superiority both in the Blue Homeland, in the sky and in the airspace. . He does his job in the best possible way by taking all of these relationships in the best possible way. Therefore, in order for the Turkish Cypriot people to be economically comfortable, we need to develop economically, so that my people and the young people can find jobs and be more connected to this land.


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Mentioning the tourism sector in the TRNC, Ersin Tatar noted that although their opportunities are limited, they have come to a point where they can provide better tourist service than most countries. Stating that the opening of Maraş has also contributed to tourism, Tatar said: “Northern Cyprus provides an excellent service to both the economy and tourism of the Republic of Turkey. Because Maraş is a tourist region with brand value. Despite the pandemic, more than 200,000 people visited with the opening of Maraş. In the new period, we will see that it will gradually open up with some infrastructure work to be done there, and this will make a great contribution to our economy, ”he said.

Ersin Tatar invited businessmen to invest and share their knowledge and experience with Turkish Cypriots for better development of TRNC.

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